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ChiQuest Fitness exists to provide time-efficient, effective fitness results that inspire fitness for life. We specialize in maximizing fitness results with time. We do that by providing mobile personal training either in-person, virtually, remotely, or online for busy people who often wish to reduce belly fat while increasing muscle strength and energy in a time-efficient, convenient, and customized manner that brings lasting results and promotes functional fitness as a lifestyle. Check out our success stories here!

Trainers Corner


Zane Daugherty

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Zane Daugherty is an entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of ChiQuest Fitness.

Sara Boykan

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Sara Boykan is a lisenced professional counselor and certified personal trainer with a passion for helping clients.

Marlowe Embry

Marlowe Embry is a ChiQuest Fitness personal trainer, lifelong athlete, and volleyball coach. 


Jack Roth

Jack is a NASM certified personal trainer with various specializations and a passion for strength work and combat sport.

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Rose Ponce

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Rose Ponce is a certified Pilates and U-Jam instructor who enjoys creating fun and interactive workouts through dance and Pilates style fitness for seniors and all adult ages.

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Farnaz Ghazi

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Farnaz Ghazi is a certified TRX trainer, life coach, and author, with a background in Sports Medicine.

Dean Selva

Dean Selva is a career trainer that enjoys bringing fitness to people. He takes a scientific approach to training and keeps exercise fun by incorporating different equipment and techniques.

Phoebe Volkmar

Phoebe Volkmar is a certified personal trainer with a Bachelors of Applied Health Science in Human Development & Family Studies. She focuses her time & energy on learning & growing in holistic health care.


Byron Covington

Byron has a deep knowledge and wide-range of experience when it comes to fitness and nutrition. He has played sports at a collegiate level and has also taken home trophies when competing in body building competitions.

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Daniel B

Strenth & Flexiblity

I've noticed a huge difference in my posture... I'm a lot stronger, I have energy that lasts me all week. The great thing about ChiQuest and working with you is Zane is you've catered a lot of work to my specific goals. The commitment of meeting you definitely helps me follow through with the workout. I am a lot more flexible, I've lost a lot of weight. I'm really glad that I have invested the time to do this with you.

Amanda Ponciano

Amanda Ponciano is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelor's degree in Biology from SFSU. She's been very active since a young age and also did collegiate cheer.

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