Our trainers


Zane Daugherty

Zane Daugherty is CEO and cofounder of ChiQuest. He is a certified fitness trainer and former football standout athlete who trains daily. He has spent years crafting his technique, which has led to many successes including setting a bench press record during his youth. The highly educated, former teacher’s passion is teaching and training others to live long, healthy lives.

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Sara Boykan

Sara Boykan is a licensed professional counselor and certified personal trainer with a passion for helping clients reach their long-term goals. She practices a holistic and solution-focused approach, incorporating nutrition along with physical activity and mindset. She started her own fitness journey in 2014, when she began competing in bodybuilding and has now assisted over 200 individuals from all walks of life on their personal endeavors to their best health.

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Marlowe Embry 

Marlowe Embry is a ChiQuest Fitness personal trainer, lifelong athlete, and volleyball coach. She was an All American collegiate volleyball athlete and still strives for the same excellence in her physical health and fitness today. She fully supports the holistic lifestyle view by incorporating nutrition and lifelong fitness solutions into her clients plans. She realizes that everyone is different so she strives to make a personalized plan that works for each individual client based on their goals. It is her goal to equip her clients with the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle now and in the future.

Jack Roth

Jack is a NASM certified personal trainer with various specializations and a passion for strength work and combat sport. As an athlete who has played multiple sports and currently participates in Brazilian JiuJitsu and boxing he has a wealth of experience which allows him to synthesize fun and unique programs that still ensure progression. It is his goal to not just help people achieve their goals but to enjoy it and make it a manageable lifestyle. 

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Rose Ponce

Rose Ponce is a certified Pilates and U-Jam instructor who enjoys creating fun and interactive workouts through dance and Pilates style fitness for seniors and all adult ages.

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Farnaz Ghazi

Farnaz Ghazi is a certified TRX trainer, life coach, and author, with a background in Sports Medicine. Farnaz enjoys helping her clients develop healthy lifelong habits of exercise and nutrition, and has taught programs on how to become your own trainer, properly use the equipment, utilize assessment data to guide customized workouts and progress, and documenting your own fitness journey.

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Dean Selva

Dean Selva is a career trainer that enjoys bringing fitness to people. He takes a scientific approach to training and keeps exercise fun by incorporating different equipment and techniques. Dean specializes in weight loss, muscle sculpting, obstacle course conditioning, TRX, Muay Thai, and battle-ropes. Outside of fitness training, Dean likes to ride his motorcycles and spend time with his two dogs and girlfriend. 

Phoebe Volkmar

Phoebe Volkmar is a certified personal trainer with a Bachelors of Applied Health Science in Human Development & Family Studies. She focuses her time & energy on learning & growing in holistic health care. Phoebe is very passionate about integrating the mind, body, & soul together as one. 


Byron Covington

Byron has a deep knowledge and wide-range of experience when it comes to fitness and nutrition. He has played sports at a collegiate level and has also taken home trophies when competing in body building competitions. Wanting to share the gift of fitness and health with others he decided to become a personal trainer so he could help others achieve their own health and fitness goals so they can live happier and healthier lives. When Byron is not personal training he enjoys playing sports, reading, writing, and investing.

Amanda Ponciano

Amanda Ponciano is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelor's degree in Biology from SFSU. She's been very active since a young age and also did collegiate cheer. She has a background in strength training, powerlifting, and coaching at Orangetheory Fitness as well as Etone Fitness. Amanda is passionate about helping clients reach their goals of overall health and fitness by incorporating HIIT and strength training styles.