How to Achieve Lifestyle Fitness

April 5, 2018 How to Achieve Lifestyle Fitness By Zane Daugherty CEO and Cofounder of ChiQuest Fitness

April 5, 2018 How to Achieve Lifestyle Fitness By Zane Daugherty CEO and Cofounder of ChiQuest Fitness What is “Lifestyle Fitness”? you may ask. Well, we know that anything we do as a lifestyle involves a daily living out of something. It just becomes a part of what we do and who we are. When it comes to fitness, however, too many people start their exercise program, then stop it, then start it again. This roller coaster experience can become discouraging and many people just quit their fitness efforts. But fitness, which includes proper exercise, nutrition, and sleep, is important, because it positively affects our overall well-being, relationships, our mood, and overall happiness. In a recent article in the “Journal of Happiness Studies” entitled, “A Systematic Review of the Relationship Between Physical Activity and Happiness”, the authors Zhanjia Zhang and Weiyun Chen reported in their study that, “All the observational studies reported positive associations between physical activity and happiness. As little as 10 min physical activity per week or 1 day of doing exercise per week might result in increased levels of happiness.” We know that fitness as a lifestyle is important and needed, but how do we make it a habit, a part of our daily lives? There are three concepts that I have found to help develop a lifestyle of fitness. They are, find your “why”, create enjoyment, and create accountability. Finding your “why” is essential in order to achieve lifestyle fitness. What is your deeper reason for exercising? Losing 30 pounds, for example, is a reason, but why would you want to lose 30 pounds? Is it because you want to feel better about yourself? Have more energy? Live longer for your children and grandchildren? Experience a better quality of life? Look better in the mirror or in public? Feel better and have more energy to live and work? Be more productive?

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing a professional fitness coach and friend, Adam Tarfalis. In this interview, Adam helped me to better understand the concept of finding your “why” that really drives a person to achieve lifestyle fitness. Adam has a highly successful track record in athletics and fitness training. He has an in-depth knowledge of elite athletic training. He grew up around Olympic athletes like Carl Lewis and his father, Gregg Trafalis, a 1988 Olympic shot putter. Adam has achieved athletic honors in football and has helped to run an elite athletic training gym. He is currently sought after by hundreds of students who benefit from his training throughout the school week at Valley Christian High School in San Jose CA, where he works as the Human Performance Coach. Adam seeks to train students not just for sports, but for life, as his philosophy is that fitness should become a lifestyle, not just a thing that athletes do and then stop after their season is over. When it comes to exercise, you need to “work within your strengths”, “Find your why”, and “reach new heights” in your goals, Adam stated. We talked about the importance of finding the deeper reason to work towards a lifestyle of fitness. Adam discussed how exercising is not about trying to look or feel better than others, but about being the best you, taking care of the “temple” of your body, about being healthy and happy. This discussion helped me realize even more that one important role of fitness trainers is to help clients draw out and tap into their deeper reason for exercising. Adam and I also talked about the importance of creating enjoyment in your fitness quest. It helps to find at least one exercise or activity that you enjoy and is in line with your natural abilities, interests, and strengths. This can then become a part of your lifestyle. Or you can find incentives, rewards, or things you enjoy during exercise, that contributes to health and fitness. Recently I spoke with a lady who seemed naturally outgoing. She enjoys being around other people rather than working out by herself. She had tried exercise regimens but with no lifestyle consistency that she wanted. With excitement in her voice, she

explained that she really enjoys playing tennis with others at her local health club because unlike before, it is also a social event. She is more confident now that she will stick with it. Think of something that you do because you enjoy it, something that has become a part of your lifestyle. Do you watch your favorite show on Netflix or listen to a book while on the treadmill or when you have a few minutes to relax? Enjoy social media? Get a massage? Get a cup of coffee soon after you wake up in the morning? Soak in the nice warm bath for a while? Spend time with your family? Sleep in on Saturday morning? Read a good book? Study the stock market? Dance, swim, walk, run, lift weights, ride your bicycle, play tennis, golf, or train in the martial arts? Doing what you enjoy as an incentive before, during, or after your workout can help motivate you to exercise on days when you just don’t feel like working out. Find something enjoyable. And find exercises that are naturally in line with your interests and strengths if possible. The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) in their “Official Text for ISSA’s Certified Fitness Trainer Course” entitled, Fitness: The Complete Guide by Fredrick C. Hatfield, PhD, refers to a similar concept of finding enjoyment called “Therapeutic Modalities”. Dr. Hatfield indicates that incorporating in your exercise program, “therapeutic modalities” such as “Whirlpools, electrical muscle stimulation, massage, ultrasound, music . . . and a host of other therapies can have a very positive effect on strength training efforts . . .” (Ninth Edition, Unit 16, Page 483-484). Finally, create accountability. Sometimes we can get in a rut. We just need that extra push or encouragement from someone further down the road than us in knowledge and expertise. It is human nature to need that help, support, and accountability from time to time. That’s what coaches, mentors, and trainers are for. ChiQuest Fitness is here to provide that during those times where we just need a human person, a caring fitness professional who can help us get out of an exercise rut and on to the path of lifestyle fitness. We are here to encourage you along your health and fitness goals! Whether you work in the fitness industry or want to become more fit, strive to achieve a consistent lifestyle of health and fitness. You

can do it! Find your “why”. Find enjoyment in the process. Create accountability when needed. Fitness is a lifelong quest. Have fun with it! At ChiQuest Fitness, we are here to help with that journey. The Quest is worth it! Your quality of life, health, and happiness is worth it!

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