Lifestyle Fitness Dress Shoes?

“Look! These are my dress shoes but they function as tennis shoes ... they are safer, have grip on the bottom, and comfortable, flexible, and light. I can wear them throughout the day and workout in them too, and I don‘t need to change shoes or clothes to workout“ explained one of my busy executive clients that I train in his office twice a week with on the go nutrition support options as well.

What a great concept and invention! Dress shoes that function as tennis shoes! The particular brand he wears is called “Commonwealth”. Shoes like these support our mission to inspire a transformation of lifestyle fitness where you are. So I wanted to share it! What ideas or things do you do or have that inspires your lifestyle fitness where ever you are? Spread the word and share it with us!

Zane Daugherty

Personal Trainer and CEO with ChiQuest Fitness


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