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As personal trainers, we often get asked questions about what to eat. Here are some general

guidelines. Always eat within the guidelines and counsel of your medical doctor.

1. Eat Whole Foods, less processed foods.

2. Consume foods from the three major macro nutrients. Steer clear of trendy restrictive “diets”

that say you cannot have one of the three major macro nutrients, which are carbohydrates

(carbs), fats, and proteins. In general, diets are not sustainable. We recommend a lifestyle

approach to long term, healthy weight loss and weight maintenance while preserving muscle

mass and energy. Use the MyFitness Pal app to guide you on proportions for foods from the three

major macro nutrients. Examples of healthy carbs are brown rice, organic baby red potatoes, and

generally whole grain sources. Raw seeds and nuts are also generally great examples. Whole

fruits and raw vegetable are also excellent examples of healthy carbs. Examples of healthy foods

for our busy on the go lifestyle include raisins, bananas, seeds, nuts, apples and oranges.

For healthy proteins, examples Include the leaner meats such as fish, boneless skinless chicken

breast, turkey, and some lean beef options. Protein supplement powders and shakes can be good

as long as they are from natural sources. One company that we are continually impressed with

when it comes to healthy on the go, convenient foods and snacks containing proper proportions

of the three major macro nutrients with high-quality ingredients, is Isagenix. This company has

gained much positive recognition and results with helping our clients and others with lifestyle

fitness nutrition support, and when it comes to combining science and nature with their nutrition

and for their quality of nutrition. Supplementation with Isagenix shakes, vitamins, and plant-

based nutrients, is recommended as we often do not get enough nutrition from our whole foods


Examples of foods containing unsaturated fats which when consumed in the proper amounts can

be helpful to our overall health, include fish, seeds, and avocados. Our body needs the essential

fatty acids from such foods to help with our brain, joint, and heart functioning.

3. Finally, it is very important to drink purified water equivalent to about half of your body

weight in ounces.

If you have any questions about our above recommendations, any one of our ChiQuest Fitness

trainers would be happy to connect with you! Thank you!

Zane Daugherty, CEO and Personal Trainer with ChiQuest Fitness

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