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Our Story, Mission, and Specialty

Our Story: After getting married, starting my family, and working 50+ hours a week,

my health began to suffer; I was experiencing an increase in body fat, exhaustion,

and stress, while spending very little time with my wife and children. Although I had

an athletic background, was working out 3-5 times a week at the gym, and eating

healthy, whole foods, I was still 30 pounds overweight. It was frustrating. It became

my mission to change all of that, and I did!

With the help and support of God, family, friends, personal trainers, and proven

Isagenix nutrition, I lost 30 pounds, burned fat while maintaining and building

muscle. Continuously, I experience great energy and health. I have more time

freedom also to spend with my family as a fitness trainer with a great team of like-

minded fitness trainers, who value health and family! I experienced a transformation of lifestyle fitness. My passion is to help others who may feel stuck and discouraged with their health like I did, and don’t know how to amend. ChiQuest Fitness was born out of a burning desire to bring flexibility and wellness to ignite hope from someone who has experienced the difficulties.

Our motto is: Prosper and be in good health. The “Chi” in ChiQuest Fitness, is Greek for Christ. As a man of faith and the cofounder of ChiQuest Fitness, Christ represents for me the

source of life, energy, prosperity, and holistic health of mind, body, soul, and spirit.

My team of certified trainers and I create workout and nutrition plans to support

health through personal fitness training and nutrition. Wherever you are in your

holistic health Quest, my team of trainers and I are here for you!

Our Mission: Our mission is to inspire a transformation of lifestyle fitness where you

are. We provide personal fitness training and nutrition support at your location of

choice in the South Bay Area and beyond.

Our Specialty: We inspire a transformation of lifestyle fitness where you are! We

come to your home, office, or location of choice. Creating customized and

convenient workouts and nutrition plans through personal fitness training to support

a lifestyle of health and fitness is what we love to do!

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