Staying Fit and Sane During Quarantine

We know how difficult and challenging it can be to be homebound and not able to do many of the things that we want and need to do before the social distancing, quarantine occurred. Gyms are closed. Many restaurants are closed, and take out is our only option often times. Our team of certified personal trainers at ChiQuest Fitness are here for you during this quarantine time as well. We are serving our community through remote live one on one and group fitness trainings, nutrition support, and nutritious, convenient and delicious nutrition delivered to your door, to help us stay healthy, fit, and sane! ... We can still connect with one another and support each other in this way during this time remotely. Contact us today at 1-844-449-6348 or complete our Contact form on our website, to see how you can join one of our communities and trainings as well! You’ll be glad you did! Zane Daugherty, CEO

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